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Province : Gauteng (until 1994 Transvaal Province)
Incorporated into 2000 : Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality

Coat of arms (crest) of Sandton

Official blazon


  • Wapen: Omgekeerd gaffelsgewys verdeel: regs, in goud, 'n gestengelde proteablom van natuurlike kleur; links, in groen, 'n ertsstamper van goud; in die skildvoet, in silwer, 'n hoepoe van natuurlike kleur; oor alles heen 'n keper van teenhermelyn belaai met drie heraldiese fonteine.
  • Helmteken: 'n Goue muurkroon rooi gemessel, met 'n uitkomende feniks en vlamme, alles van natuurlike kleur. Dekklede: Goud en groen.
  • Skildhouers: Twee wit perde, rooi getong.


  • Arms: Per graft: dexter Or, a protea flower slipped proper, sinister Vert, a battery-stamp Or, in base Argent, a hoopoe close proper; over all a chevron ermines charged with three fountains.
  • Crest: Out of a mural crown Or masoned Gules, a phoenix issuant from flames of fire proper. Mantling: Or and Vert.
  • Supporters: Two white horses langued Gules.


The arms were registered on October 2, 1970.

The shield is divided into three sections with a broad chevron. These represent the three local area committees from which the new municipality was formed. The left top third is a Protea flower which is indigenous to the area and represents the former North Johannesburg (later Sandton) Local Area Committee and Sandton's connection, through its residents, with Johannesburg and its gold mines. The bottom third is a Hoepoe Bird, also indigenous to the area, representing Bryanston and the newly incorporated areas to the north.

The chevron with the three roundels barry wavy represent the three farms (Zandfontein, Driefontein and Rietfontein) which made up the greater part of the local authority area. The barry wavy being the heraldic representation for fountains.

The supporters are horses indicating that the area was and is home to many interested in horse-riding and horse-ownership, as well as containing many riding schools and the Inanda Polo Club.

The phoenix represents the rising of a new town from the former peri-urban areas and adjoining farms.

The base is grass symbolising the rural character and green fields of the town in its infancy. The scroll contains the municipal motto, SAPIENTER ET AUDACTER which means "Wisely and Boldy".

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