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NEWA bandjes (Nederlandsche Wapens)


Series information :

  • Date of issue : 1947 (approx.)
  • Number of bands : +/- 300
  • Image variants : yes (reprints in different colours)

Company info

The Newa (Nederlandse Wapens, Dutch arms) series were issued in January 1947. They were used on cigars, but were also sold in small packages. They could be collected in special albums. Click here:File:Newa-folder.pdf for a small promotion leaflet of the bands (in Dutch). The aim was educational; to increase the knowledge of topography and history for primary school children. For this also a special song was issued with the bands, see below. The album was also offered to Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands in 1947, see articles below.

Albums and bands

The idea was to issue bands for all arms ever registered in the country; but after approx. 1 year the programme stopped. Albums for two provinces were issued; Zuid Holland and Noord Holland, neither are fully issued. The series for nearly all other provinces remained incomplete and no albums were issued. The albums were reprinted at least once, as there are two different albums for both Zuid- and Noord-Holland. The type 2 albums are slightly larger and the position of the bands in the albums is different. In the type 1 albums the shape of the bands is outlined, in the type 2 albums there is only a small horizontal line to glue the bands.

The bands were issued by the Verkoop-centrale "Steeds Bereid" in Leiden. I have no further information about this company, except that is was re-established in 1944 and originally dealt with scrap metal. The albums were printed at Reiman Jr. in Amsterdam (type 1) and De Sleutelstad in Leiden (type 2).

Newa Album Zuid Holland

The Zuid-Holland album, type 1
Newa Album Zuid Holland

The Zuid-Holland album, type 2
Newa Album Noord Holland

The Noord-Holland album, type 1
Newa Album Noord Holland

The Noord-Holland album, type 2

The bands were issued in four main types; the small type for arms consisting only of a shield, the medium type for arms with crowns and the large type for arms with supporters. The small type has been issued either with a single colour or bicoloured. The small types have also been reprinted with lighter paper. The larger types have not been reprinted as far as I know.

Arms of Asperen

Small type bicoloured
Arms of Asperen

Small type reprint (white paper)
Arms of Midwoud

Small type one colour
Arms of Grootebroek

Medium type
Arms of IJzendijke

Large type

There are many (slight) misprints known of the bands in all provinces. Some more extreme are shown below:

Arms of Harmelen

Arms of Oudkarspel


Bands issued

As many numbers have not been issued, the bands are listed alphabetically by province. The provinces are listed by number of bands issued.

Province Zuid Holland


Estates and other arms:

Province Noord Holland

Province Utrecht


Province Gelderland

Province Zeeland

Province Friesland

Country Luxembourg