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Arms (crest) of Thames Valley Police Authority

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Official blazon

Arms : Vert, on a pale wavy argent, a pallet wavy azure, over all five crowns palisado in saltire Or.
Crest: on a wreath argent and azure, a swan rousant proper, gorged with a Saxon crown gules, supporting by the dexter foot a sword, point upwards, in its scabbard Or.
Supporters: (dexter) a stag gules, attired and unguled Or, (sinister) an ox gules, armed Or, each gorged with a collar paly argent and azure, with a chain affixed thereto Or.
Motto: Sit pax in Valle Tamesis


The arms were officially granted on September 7, 1971.

The shield depicts a river and represents the Thames Valley. The five crowns, representing the five councils are the symbol of protection.

The crest and supporters are derived from features incorporated in the arms of the five constituent auhorities (Buckinghamshire Constabulary, Reading Borough Police, Oxfordshire Constabulary, Berkshire Constabulary, Oxford City Police). The sword in scabbard in the crest is the symbol of authority and the swan indicates the River Thames. The collars worn by the supporters are indicative of the Police.

Also, the swan is a symbol of the county of Buckinghamshire, the Ox a symbol of the county of Oxfordshire and the stag a symbol of the county of Berkshire.

The motto means: 'Let there be peace in the Thames Valley'

The arms are currently used by the Thames Valley Police.

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