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Fehér province was one of elder provinces from the early Middle Ages. Later its territory was divided. The Saxons acquired some areas of the province during the 13th century. The territory of Fehér province was divided into three parts: The Lands of the Saxons (till 1876), Felso-Fehér province (Upper-Fehér) and Also-Fehér province (Lower-Fehér). After 1552 the province became a part of the semi-independent Principality of Transylvania (1552-1765) later Grand Duchy of Transylvania (1765-1848; 1849-1867). Before 1552 and during the following periods 1848-1849, 1867-1919/1920 the area was part of the Kingdom of Hungary. The Treaty of Trianon detached it from Hungary to Romania. Literature:

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