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Province : Hordaland
Additions : 1972 Arna, Fana, Laksevåg, Åsane

Arms (crest) of Bergen (Norway)

Official blazon


The arms were granted on August 15, 1924.

The arms are based on the oldest seal of the city, which dates from 1293. The seal is very unique, as it had separate images on both sides. On the one hand stood the image of a city wall with gate rising from seven hills, on the other a Viking longboat. In the mid 14th century a new seal was used, which only showed the gate and hills. Even though the shape and size of the gate has changed considerably during the centuries, the composition itself has not changed.

Seal of Bergen

The reverse of the oldest seal

The seven hills on the seal symbolise the seven main mountains surrounding the city : Sandviken (417 m), Fløyen (320 m) , Blåmanen(552 m), Ulriken (643 m) , Løvstakken (477 m) , Damsgårsfjellet (317 m) and Lyderhorn (397 m).

Arms of Bergen (Norway)

The arms by Ströhl in 1905.
Wappen von Bergen (Norway)

The arms in a German album +/- 1910
Arms (crest) of Bergen (Norway)

The arms in the Coffee Hag album +/- 1930
Wappen von Bergen (Norway)

The arms in the Abadie albums
Wappen von Bergen (Norway)

The arms in a 1930s album
Arms of Bergen (Norway)

The arms in the town ((c) ‎Ugnius Mikučionis)

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Literature : Norske Kommunevåpen, Kommunalforlaget, 1987; Ewe, 1972; names of the hills by Holger Schöttke