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State : Bayern
Urban District (Stadtkreis) : Fürth
Additions: 1900 Poppenreuth; 1901 Dambach, Oberfürberg, Unterfürberg; 1918 Atzenhof, Unterfarrnbach; 1923 Burgfarrnbach; 1927 Ronhof; 1972 Sack, Stadeln, Vach

Wappen von Fürth/Arms (crest) of Fürth
Official blazon
German In Silber ein dreiblättriges grünes Kleeblatt.
English (Bayern) No blazon/translation known. Please click here to send your (heraldic !) blazon or translation


The present arms were officially granted on March 13, 1939.

The arms of Fürth are not very old. The trefoil first appears in a seal of the governor of the city for the Bamberg Abbey, Hornung. His seal shows the trefoil held by a hand and surrounded on each side by a crescent. In the 18th century three combined trefoils are used in images and on borderstones. In 1818 the city uses for the first time a single trefoil, surrounding oak branches, see images below.

The meaning of the trefoil, however, is not known.

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