Falkland Islands

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Falkland Islands

National arms of the Falkland Islands Falkland-flag.gif
The National Arms of the Falkland Islands The National Flag

Administrative division

The islands are a British Overseas Territory which, under the 2009 Constitution, enjoys a large degree of internal self government with the United Kingdom guaranteeing good government and taking responsibility for defence and foreign affairs.

The islands are not further divided. The capital is Stanley, which does not uses arms.

Falkland Island Dependencies

Falkland Islands Dependencies was the constitutional arrangement for administering the British territories in Sub-Antarctica and Antarctica from 1843 until 1985. They were administered from Stanley.

In 1962 the area on Antarctica proper was separated as the British Antarctic Territory, in 1985 the Dependencies became the distinct British overseas territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

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