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Raised : 1926 as 5th Wing War Flying School, and had different Names before becoming the War Flying School in 1942.
F5 was disbanded in 1998 and the Flying School was transferered to the F10 Wing, when this wing was disbanded in 2002, the Flying School was temporarily transfered to F16 Wing in Uppsala. F16 was in turn disbanded in 2003 and the Flying School was moved to Linköping-Malmen where it remains today under the Air Warfare School.

Coat of arms (crest) of the Flying School, Swedish Air Force
Official blazon

I fält av guld en blå örn, som på bröstet bär en sköld av guld vari en sinistervänd blå örn; däröver en blå ginstam, belagd med en vingad tvåbladig propeller av guld|-

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The Coat of Arms symbolises the Future Pilots - the lesser Eagle beeing thought to fly by the Teachers of the School - the larger Eagle. The Chief indicates a Air Force Unit.

Regimental Colour

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