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Incorporated into : 1975 Argyll and Bute District (1996 Argyll and Bute Area Council)


Official blazon

In the waves of the sea, five herring entering a herring net pendant from the sinister chief, all Proper.

Above the Shield is placed a Burghal coronet and in an Escrol below the Shield this Motto "Semper Tibi Pendeat Halec".


The arms were granted on April 27, 1927.

Inveraray, erected into a Burgh or Barony in 1474 in favour of Colin, 1st Earl of Argyll and Lord High Chancellor of Scotland, was made a Royal Burgh in 1648 by King Charles 1.

The arms are most unusual in that the blazon is "all Proper". They follow the device on the Burgh seal known from 1684.

The herrings swimming into the net recall the famous herring fishing industry of Loch Fyne on which the town stands.

The Latin motto is something of a mystery; one suggestion is that it means "May the fish sauce always be ready for you".


Seal of Inverarayas used in the 1890s

The arms as used on a JaJa postcard +/- 1905

The arms as used in the town (source)

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