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JaJa Postcard series
  • Date of issue : 1904-07 (approx.)
  • Number of cards : over 850
  • Image variants : Several


The cards were issued by Stoddart & Co, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. The company was established in the late 19th century (?), but had ceased publishing postcards by 1917. One of their specialties was heraldic postcards using the trade mark Ja-Ja (trademark assigned 26th July 1905). They issued both plain heraldic postcards as in the series mentioned here, as well as city views with a small coat of arms, of which one example is shown here.


The company most likely also issued postcards for the Canadian market as BACT, as the design of those cards is very similar to the Ja-Ja cards.

Although the trade mark was granted only on July 26, 1905 the oldest card in my possession is postmarked October 13, 1904 (Bradford card in Bradford) and I have another 8 postmarked prior to the date of the trademark.

Series and Variations

The Heraldic series is a large series of postcards with mainly arms of cities in the UK and Ireland and a few elsewhere (Halifax, Canada and Potchefstroom, South Africa as examples). It is not clear when the series were first issued and for how long the series was issued, but based on postmarks the dates are around 1904-1922 with 80% of postmarks 1905-1907.

Although the basic design is similar, there are at least 4 different types of the design on the front and at least 9 for the reverse. In addition there have been several 'special issues' which do not fit these types.

Examples of the four types of the design on the lower left-front corner
Type 1 : Front1.jj.jpg Type 2 : Front2.jj.jpg
Type 3 : Front3.jj.jpg Type 4 : Front4.jj.jpg

The different types of the reverse (Back types 1-8) can be divided by colour, image and the numer of text printed, see table below. Many cards have been issued with different fornt and back printings, which is indicated in the series overview below.

Examples of the four types of the design on the reverse of the cards


Back type 1 : Red print on reverse, no text on left.

Back type 2 : Brown print on reverse, no text on left.

Back type 3 : Red print on reverse, text on left

Back type 3b : Red print on reverse, text on right (only one known to me, Bolton)

Back type 4 : Brown print on reverse, text on left.

Back type 5a : Red print on reverse, with logo.
Text on left 'Printed in Great Britain".

Back type 5b : Red print on reverse, with logo.
Text on left 'Heraldic Series. Printed and Designed in Great Britain' or
Designed and Produced in England' or
'Heraldic Tartan Series. Printed in Great Britain'.

Back type 6 : Brown print on reverse, text on left with logo

Back type 8 : Brown print on reverse, text on left with logo, less text

Cards issued

The list below is the list of the +/- 660 cards that I know of that have been issued, as well as many examples (clickable). Most likely the list is not complete. Several cards have been issued with different back or front variations as well. For example, Aberdeen in the list below has been published with front type 2 and reverse types 1 and 3. For London there are even 4 different variations with three different front types.

UK town and regional arms

See the special overview. This is a large file with over 500 images. Loading the page may be slow and sometimes reloading may be needed !

The page includes towns and regions in the UK as well as Ireland.

Colleges and Schools

Personal arms

Non UK town arms

The Potchefstroom card does not show the JaJa logo and is, according to the reverse, printed in Saxony. The card is generally listed as a JaJa card based on its front design, but may actually not be part of the series.

Other arms

Scottish Clans

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