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Wapen van Jauche/Arms (crest) of Jauche

Country : Belgium

Province :
Brabant wallon


  • 1970 Enines
  • 1970 Foix-les-Caves

Incorporated into:

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Official blazon
  • (1819) Van keel met een dwarsbalk van goud.
  • (1955) Parti: au 1, d'azur à trois feuilles de nénuphar d'or, les tiges en haut; au 2 de gueules `a la fasce d'or - l'écu sommé d'une couronne à cinq fleurons et supporté par deux lions regardants d'or.
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The arms were officially granted on September 15, 1819 and augmented on July 4, 1955.

Only one seal is known from the 18th century and it shows the arms of C.N. Joseph, Count of Berlaymont, Baron of Jauche. His arms were barry of vair and red. These arms were not applied for at the Dutch Hoge Raad van Adel in 1815 when all municipalities in the then Kingdom of the Netherlands were asked to register their arms, unlike many othe rBelgian municipalities who simply send their village seal.

Instead the arms granted in 1819 were the arms of the oldest Lords of Jauche. These arms, a golden bar in red, are known from a seal from Willem van Gheete from 1227 and also the 14th century Armorial Gelre shows these arms for the Lords of Gheete (Gheete, later Gete was the Dutch name for the village). The family owned the Jauche estate until 1512 when the family was in financial problems and had to sell the estate.

The arms remained unchanged until 1955. In the new arms the old arms were combined with three water-lily leaves taken from the arms of the last Lord of Jauche, Filips-Norbert vab der Meere, Count Van der Meere van Cruyshoutem and Baron of Boutersem. He bought the estate of Jauche in 1781 and died in 1795. The family arms of Van der Meere showed three golden water-lily leaves in a blue field.

The arms were not changed after the merger in 1970.

Literature : Servais, 1955

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