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Arms (crest) of Jihomoravský Kraj
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Modro-červeně čtvrcený štít, v prvním poli moravská orlice, ve druhém poli stříbrné břevno pod stříbrným temenem, ve třetím poli zlatý vinný hrozen s listem a úponkem, ve čtvrtém poli zlato-červeně šachovaná korunovaná orlice se zlatou zbrojí.

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The first field contains the Moravian eagle as the modern region contains territory of the historical region.

The second field contains the arms of Brno as the capital city of the region.

The third field contains a grape bunch to point to the strong wine-making culture of southern Moravia.

The fourth field contains the improved arms of Moravia. In 1462 the Holy Roman Emperor Frederic III. improved the arms from silver to gold as a reward for military aid. However the imperial privilege lacked royal confirmation from the Bohemian king and the change wasn't implemented until 1628 when it was finally confirmed by Ferdinand II. Habsburg as king of Bohemia and Margrave of Moravia. The arms were once again changed in 1920 upon the independence of Czechoslovakia from Austria-Hungary (law no. 252/1920 Sb.). Since then a conflict has been waged on the "proper" arms of Moravia. Many see the red-gold arms as too "German" thanks to the Habsburg intervention while others believe the improvement was legitimate and should remain. The improved arms of Moravia are thus used in the arms of the South Moravian Region as a compromise to represent both sides.

The arms were registered on November 25, 2003.

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