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Province (Landskap): Närke, Västergötland
County (Län): Örebro län
Additions: 1946 Ramundeboda; 1967 Svartå (partly; 1952 Kvistbro, Nysund, Skagershult), Tiveden (1952 Finnerödja, Tived)

Coat of arms (crest) of Laxå
Official blazon
Swedish blazon wanted


English blazon wanted


The arms was approved in 1956 for the then Borough of Laxå. The Saltire symbolises the Railways that meet at Laxå. The Iron sign symbolises the Lassåna bruk.
Which due to a missunderstanding in the 17th Century gave Laxå its Name. The Glove is from the Seal of Grimstad Hundred, known since the 17th Century.

Literature: Nevéus and de Waern, 1992

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