Mały Płock


Province: Podlaskie
County: Kolno

Coat of arms (crest) of Mały Płock
Official blazon
Polish blazon wanted
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The arms were officially adopted on October 28, 2011.

The arms show a heraldic representation of the local legend about the White Knight, as well as a reference to the alleged founder of Mały Płock - Pomścibor of Płock. Originally, Mały Płock was a defensive stronghold, securing the northern border of Masovia from the Prussian invasions. According to legend, one day, as a result of betrayal and the opening of gates to the invaders, the whole castle's crew died to the hands of the Prussians, with the exception of Pomścibor, who escaped on a white horse. In reality, a similar incident took place in 1405, with the fact that the inhabitants were murdered by the Teutonic Knights.


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