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Province: Łódź
County: Zgierz

Arms of Ozorków

Official blazon


The town was grounded 1816 by Starzynski family on the grounds that belonged to them as a weavers' town. It expanded throughout the 19th century into a small textile-industry town, but could not develop significantly due to the vicinity of a major Russian and later Polish textile industry center, Łódź.

The arms shows the symbol of the Starzynski family on the right side and weaver shuttle on the left side, symbolizing the town's dominating industry. The arms were approved in the period of the Second Republic (1918-1939).

Arms of Ozorków

The arms in the Kawa Hag album +/- 1932
Arms of Ozorków

The arms in 1964

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Literature : Plenako and Wanag, 1994