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Incorporated into : 1975 Argyll and Bute District (1996 Argyll and Bute Area Council)

Arms (crest) of Rothesay (Scotland)

Official blazon

Party per pale: dexter, Argent, a castle Sable, in the dexter chief a crescent, and in the sinister an estoile of five points, [both] Tenny, and in base a lymphad, sails furled, of the Second, flagged Gules; and on the sinister, Or, a fess chequy Azure and Argent.

Above the Shield is placed a Burghal coronet.


The arms were granted on March 11, 1925.

Rothesay, on the Island of Bute, was made a Royal Burgh in 1400-1 by King Robert III.

The arms are based on the original Burgh seal from 1401.

The right side shows Rothesay Castle, rebuilt about the time the Charter was granted. Above are the sun and the moon, both coloured tenny (a dull orange), which was a livery colour of the House of Stewart but which is very unusual in Scots heraldry; the ship below stands for the fishing and shipping interests of the Burgh.

On the left side are the arms of the House of Stewart which has a long connection with Rothesay: both King Robert II and King Robert III were frequent visitors and in 1398, the latter created his son Duke of Rothesay, which title has ever since been borne by the heir to the Scottish throne.

seal of Rothesay (Scotland)

Seal of the burgh as used in the 1890s
Coat of arms (crest) of Rothesay (Scotland)

The arms as used on a JaJa postcard +/- 1905

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