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Province (Landskap): Skåne
County (Län): Skåne län (until 1997 Malmöhus län)
Additions : 1970 Glemmingebro (1952 Bollerup, Glemminge, Ingelstorp, Tosterup, Övraby), Herrestad (1952 Baldringe, Borrie, Bromma, Hedeskoga, Högestad, Stora Herrestad, Stora Köpinge, Sövestad, Öja), Ljunit (1952 Balkåkra, Bjäresjö, Sjörup, Skårby, Snårestad), Löderup (1952 Hörup, Löderup, Valleberga)

Arms of Ystad
Official blazon

I med röda rosor bestrött fält av guld ett upprest krönt, blått lejon med röd krona och beväring|-

English blazon wanted


The arms were granted with its modern blazon on May 9, 1936 and registered in 1974.

The lion in the arms of Ystad is probably derived from the national arms of Denmark, which shows three blue leopardized lions in a golden field. Instead of hearts or sea leaves, the lion in the arms of Ystad is surrounded by roses, taken from a seal known from the 14th century.

In the 1930s the arms were shown as a golden griffin on blue, see below.

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Literature: Nevéus and de Waern, 1992; image from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ystad_vapen.svg

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