Alberto Burguete Culebro

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'ALBERTO BURGUETE CULEBRO'Registration no.: 025/2021

Country of origin : Mexico
Place of origin : Chiapas
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

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Official English blazon

Shield: Gules, a kapok Argent over the trunk a jaguar passant Or spotted Sable, langued, dented and armed Argent, all sustained by a barrulet wavy Argent.
Crest: on a torse Gules and Argent a jaguar rampant Or, spotted Sable, langued, dented and armed Argent, holding a trident with head in the shape of the Power symbol and a escutcheon Gules charged with a fess wavy

Other language blazon

Escudo: De Gules, una ceiba de Plata, con un jaguar de Oro, moteado de Sable, armado, dentado y linguado de Plata en el tronco, sostenidos por una burela ondada de plata.
Cimera: sobre un burelete de gules y plata un jaguar rampante de Oro, moteado de Sable, armado, dentado y linguado de Plata portando un tridente con cabeza en forma de símbolo de poder

Écu: De gueules à l’arbre Kapok d’argent, sur son tronc un jaguar passant d’or tacheté de sable, lampassé, denté, et armé d’argent, tout soutenu par une burelle ondée d’argent.
Cimier: Sur un torse du champ avec les lambrequins du même, un jaguar rampant d’or, tacheté de sable, lampassé, denté, et armé d’argent, soutenant un trident surmonté d’un symbole power et un écusson de gueules à la fasce ondée d’argent.


The Kapok tree represents the armiger's family as the tree that their parents planted after their wedding. Traditionally, cutting this tree is avoided because it grows in mixed forests with trees with more coveted wood, making it a refuge for displaced fauna, forming the center of its ecosystem, for the armiger this makes the kakop an analogy in the nature of the cornerstone or the axis mundi, also giving it a spiritual meaning. The jaguar is capable of hunting crocodiles, defeating bears and even catching birds of prey, for the armiger the jaguar represents strength, courage and a disregard for limits. The barrulet represents the multiple rivers that flow through Chiapas, the homeland of the armiger The trident in the crest is an adaptation of the power symbol to a physical object, it represents computer science. The escutcheon represents the armiger's fondness for heraldry and the fess wavy it carries is a reduction of the arms.

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