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'ALEXANDRA ALEXANDROVA FOL DMus, CTh'Registration no.: 022/2021

Country of origin : Bulgaria, Canada
Place of origin : Sofia, Montréal
Granted : Yes
Granted/officially recorded by : Canadian Heraldic Authority

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Official English blazon

Arms: Or on a pile throughout Gules a Pegasus rampant holding a sun in splendour Or.

Crest: A rank of organ pipes proper encased Gules, charged at the corners with red oak leaves Or, overall a musical stave bearing the first notes of Alexandra Fol’s Piece for Piano in E minor, all issuant from a wreath of St. John’s Wort flowers proper.


Other language blazon


Yellow and red represent light and vitality, as does the sun. These are important concepts in Thracian Orphism, the ancestral religion observed by the armiger's family. This was the religion of the Thracian people that inhabited their native Bulgaria. The downward-pointed triangle is a symbol of the Mother Goddess in the Orphic religion. The Pegasus is an important cultural symbol for the Thracians, and occurs frequently in their art.

The organ pipes represent the armiger's career as an organist, a composer and a musicologist. The musical notation is the first bar of the first piece that they composed, at the age of five, and which marked the beginning of her lifelong career as a musician. The oak, here represented by its leaves, is a sacred tree for the Thracians, namely for the Odryssian people, who saw it as representing the vertical structure of the universe reaching from the world of the dead to the world of the gods. It grows both in Canada and in Bulgaria, the armiger's two homelands. St. John’s wort was considered an important healing plant by the Thracians.

The motto is a Latin phrase derived from the armiger's Bulgarian family motto, and means “We never surrender.”

Registration details

The Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada Vol. VII, p. 143 (15th January 2019)

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