Anadyr Rayon

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ANADYR RAYON (Анадырский район)

Federal subject : Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

Arms (crest) of Anadyr Rayon

Official blazon

В лазоревом поле на таковой же оконечности, обремененной двумя золотыми сообращенными рыбами и имеющей составную из червленых и серебряных треугольников кайму, идущий и обернувшийся серебряный, с золотыми копытами и рогами, северный олень, сопровождаемый вверху слева золотым безантом и поверх него - летящей прямо серебряной чайкой.


The arms were granted on February 13, 2008.

The reindeer, plays a huge role in the lives of the local population, it is used for transport,food, and warm clothing. The bend with silver and red triangles is derived from the local folkore and symbolises the peaceful living together of the many different people in the district (Chukchi, Chuvans, Lamuts, Yukagirs, Evens, Russians).

The fish refer to the many rivers in the region that are rich in fish. The seagull refers to the airport in the district, the main airport in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.

The gold and silver colours refer to the gold and silver mining in the district, as well as to the mercury mining in Tamvatneyskoe.Literature:

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