Bad Ditzenbach

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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Göppingen
Additions: 1975 Auendorf, Gosbach

Wappen von Bad Ditzenbach/Arms (crest) of Bad Ditzenbach
Official blazon
  • (1959) Über einem von Blau und Silber schrägrechts mit Querteilung gerautetem Schildfuß in Silber ein roter Schalenbrunnen mit aufsteigendem und geteiltem blauem Wasserstrahl.
  • (1977) In Gold ein bis nahe an den Oberrand erhöhter grüner Dreiberg belegt mit einem goldenen Schalenbrunnen mit aufsteigendem und geteiltem silbernem Wasserstrahl.
English blazon wanted


The only known seal of Bad Ditzenbach dates from the early 20th century and shows only the arms of Württemberg. In 1939 the local seal showed a castle, not in a shield, most likely the former Hiltenburg castle. The left arms above were devised in 1959. The fountain symbolises the local mineral springs. The base of the arms shows the arms of Bayern, as the village belonged to the Wiesensteig Estate from 1642-1752 and to Bayern itself from 1752-1806. The Wiesensteig Estate was ruled jointly by Bayern and Fürstenberg. The arms were granted on October 28, 1959.

The new arms were granted on August 17, 1977 and combine the old arms with the colours of the other two municipalities. The base with Bayern was removed, as the other municipalities were no possession of Bayern.

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