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Stemma di Brescia/Arms (crest) of Brescia

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  • Italy

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Official blazon
Italian D'argento al leone d'azzurro, armato, linguato e codato di rosso. Motto: Brixia fidelis. Ornamenti esteriori da città con la corona di 5 fioroni e 5 punte gemmate.
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The arms were officially granted on June 25, 1925.

The lion is connected to the legend of the founding of the city, namely that Heracles/Hercules, after defeating the hydra that lived in the nearby Lago d’Idra, started building at the place where Brescia is today, founding the settlement this way. There is one fresco in the communal palace that represents Brescia’s allegorical figure wearing a lion skin and holding a cub as a reference to Heracles’s task of defeating the Nemean lion.

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Literature: : Image from; legend from Bowd, S. D.: Venice’s Most Loyal City. Civic Identity in Renaissance Brescia, Cambridge, 2010, p. 37

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