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In October 1777 the provincial town of San Francisco de Campeche was given the title of city by Charles III King of Spain. The arms for the City of Campeche were approved by the town council on November 7th, 1777.
The first and fourth quarter show a tower on a red field. The towers symbolises Campeche's origin as a colonial town and the red colour of the bravery of its citizens. The tower is also the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Castille (Spain) and thus a symbol of the Kings of Spain. The second and third quarter show a ship with a weighed anchor that symolise Campeche being a seaport. The ships are placed on blue ground that stands for the honour and honesty of the town's citizens. Around all four quarters runs the ribbon of St. Francis. Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of the town of Campeche. On December 29th, 1972, the arms of the city became the arms for the state of Campeche as decreed by the State legislation.

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