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' DAVID LAURIN RICKEN 'Born: November 9, 1952 in Dodge City, Kansas, USA

Bishop of Cheyenne, 2001-2008
Bishop of Green Bay, 2008 - present

Arms (crest) of David Laurin Ricken

Bishop of Cheyenne
Arms (crest) of David Laurin Ricken

Bishop of Green Bay
Official blazon
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As common in US episcopal heraldry, the arms show the arms of the diocese impaled with the personal arms of the bishop.

The personal arms are composed of two sections, divided to signify the frontier settlements of Fort Dodge in Kansas, which gave rise to Dodge City where Bishop Ricken was born and that it was at Colorado's Fort Pueblo where the Bishop received his priestly ordination to serve that diocese.

The golden star honors the Blessed Virgin Mary to whom the Bishop has great devotion and to whom he has dedicated his Episcopal ministry.

The red heart enwrapped by a crown of golden thorns is used to signify the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was in Dodge City's Sacred Heart Cathedral that the Bishop received his Sacraments on Initiation and at Pueblo's Sacred Heart Cathedral that he served as Parochial Vicar for five years.

The upper portion of Bishop Ricken's design (upper right) contains an eight pointed golden star. This

For his motto, Bishop Ricken uses the three Latin words - Caritas - Sapientia - Fortitudo. These express the three most important virtues in the Bishop's life and toward which he has directed his ministry as a bishop: Charity, Wisdom and Fortitude or Courage.


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