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State : Queensland

Arms (crest) of Gold Coast
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The arms are not officially granted.

The first design of the arms for Gold Coast were designed by the President of the Southport Chamber of Commerce, Arthur Nicholls, in the mid 1930s as part of a Council competition for a formal coat of arms.

The original arms incorporated typical features of the Gold Coast:

  • a shield containing images of a pelican
  • a lifesavers’ surf reel
  • the old Council Chambers in Nerang Street flanked by the ‘golden road to prosperity’
  • dolphins.

Above the shield was a crown, ringed with a ‘rising sun’ effect. The motto within the scroll 'Prope Flumen et Oceanum' meant 'Near River and Ocean', although it was often interpreted colloquially as 'Where Rivers and Oceans Meet'.

The above arms were adopted following the amalgamation of Gold Coast and Albert Shire Councils in 1995. The motto reads 'Terra Fluminum et Oceani', meaning 'Land of Rivers and Ocean'.

I have no information on the current symbols.

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