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Wappen von Hoysinghausen/Arms (crest) of Hoysinghausen

Country : Germany

State : Niedersachsen

District (Kreis) : Nienburg

Incorporated into:

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Official blazon
German Über grünem Dreiberg, darin eine golden Urne, gespalten von Rot und Gold, vorne ein goldener Pflug, hinten ein grünes Eichenblatt.
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The municipality never had arms prior to 1974. The above arms were designed in 1987.

The plough is a symbol for the agricultural character of the village. The area was characterised by different landscapes; the moors and heath, the hills of the Böhrde and more sandy soils. The red is the colour of the heather, the oak represents the forests on the sandy (golden) soil. The base shows the local hills and an urn, found in the 'Hünenkeller' (Hun's cellar), symbolising the longtime settlements in the area.

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Literature: Ziegler, 1997

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