Igor Vladimirovich Kulagin

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Registration no.: 009/2022

Country of origin : Russia
Place of origin : Zelenograd, Moscow
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : Moscow Province Heraldic Commission

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Official English blazon

Argent, a squirrel sejant gules, on a chief azure three garbs or, banded gules. For as crest, on an open-faced Russian helmet with mantling gules, doubled or, a squirrel sejant gules bearing a garb or, banded gules.

Other language blazon

Russian: В серебряном поле под лазоревой главой, обременённой тремя золотыми снопами, перевязанными лавой. На щите - простой шлем (staльная "железная шапка") с бармицей. Внашлемнике – сидящая червлёная белка, держащая золотой сноп, перевязанный червленью. Амет червлёный, подбитый золотом.


The arms' tinctures reflect the Russian origins of the armiger and their only child and heir presumptive (Evgenia Igorevna Johnston of Killalee, née Kulagina), a daughter married to a non-Russian citizen. The garbs are a cant on the etymology of the surname of "Kulagin". The squirrel sejant is taken from the supporters of the arms of the local region of the armiger and birthplace of their daughter and are a symbol of the area.

Registration details

Геральдика.ру Public Armorial of Personal and Corporate Coats of Arms - here
Moscow Province Heraldic Commission, October 2018

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