Jurinesz Randolph Shadrach

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Rev. Jurinesz Randolph Shadrach

Registration no.: 001/2021

Country of origin : Sri Lanka
Place of origin : Colombo
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Coat of arms (crest) of Jurinesz Randolph Shadrach

Official English blazon

Per pale, dexter Azure a Latin Cross Gules with a serpent coiled in its base proper, sinister Argent a Phoenix rising from flames proper in front of a palm tree proper, on a chief Sable three mullets of 8 points. The shield ensigned by an Anglican priest’s galero.

Other language blazon

Italian: Partito: nel I d’azzurro al serpente di verde linguato di rosso, passante e attorcigliato nel legno verticale di una croce latina dell’ultimo; nel II d’argento, alla palma al naturale, caricata ai piedi di una fenice d’oro, sulla sua immortalità di rosso; col capo di nero, a tre stelle a otto punte d’oro. Lo scudo è timbrato da un cappello di nero, foderato di rosso, con cordoni del primo e d’argento e nappe di nero, in numero di due, disposte una per parte. Sotto lo scudo, nella lista bifida e svolazzante d’argento, il motto in lettere maiuscole di nero, con i capo lettera di rosso: “PRO DEO ET ECCLESIA".


The shield has a Latin cross in red encircled at the bottom by a green serpent with a red tongue on the dexter - This is to allude to the armiger's school - St. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia - and the Diocese of Colombo - where the armiger currently serves -, both of which carry the same symbol (and both of which have close links to Rt. Rev'd James Chapman, the 1st Bishop of Colombo and the Founder of the armiger's school). This is also symbolic of St. Thomas, who is the patron saint of the school and India (where the armiger's family originally hail from). This is set on a blue background to symbolise the sea, to which the armiger has a great affinity and to allude to Our Lady, who holds a dear place in their heart.

On the sinister, the shield hold a phoenix rising from flames, to symbolise eternal life and triumph over death while the fire alludes to the surname, derived from a Biblical character - Shadrach. This is set in front of a palm tree to signify the city of Colombo, where the armiger was born.

The chief has three 8 pointed stars, which represent the Trinity. The 8 points alludes to the 8 Beatitudes and to hope according to Hebrew tradition. It is also represents the armiger's birth date.

The motto underneath reads "Pro Deo et Ecclesia", which is the second part of the motto of the armiger's school. The full version of it reads, "Esto Perpetua Pro Deo et Ecclesia" (meaning "Be Thou Forever, for God and his Church"). This is symbolic of the calling that the armiger answered in their life to serve God and his Church.

The arms are topped with a galero of two tassels to signify the armiger's rank as an Anglican priest.

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