Länderwappen und Nationalfarben

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Länderwappen und Nationalfarben


Album information :

  • Issued by : Garbaty cigarettes, Berlin, Germany
  • Date of issue : 1933
  • Number of stamps/cards : 306
  • Image variants : none as far as I know


The album was issued as the 10th album of the company and shows the arms of 306 countries and subdivisions. It includes f.e. the Swiss cantons, the Republics in the USSR, the Indian Princely States, and the provinces/states of the USA, Argentina and Brasil. The arms are of high quality and this album is the only album known to me showing so many subdivisions of countries. It does not contain city arms.

The images could be collected in the packages of the cigarettes of the company.

The large album contains 10-12 images of the arms on the right side, and some historical or other notes on the left pages.

The same images were also used in an older 1932 album Länderwappen der Ganzen Welt from the Danziger Tabakmonopol, but that album only contained 275 images. The corresponding texts seem to be identical.

The whole album is available as pdf here:


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