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Incorporated into : 2010 Newfoundland and Labrador

Coat of arms (crest) of Labrador

Official blazon

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The primary colours of Labrador's coat of arms are those of the Labrador flag: green for forests, white for the ice and snow, and blue for the waters. The design also evokes the opening line of the Ode to Labrador. 'Dear land of mountains, woods and snow.

The three white mountain peaks represent the founding peoples of modern Labrador: the Innu, the Inuit, and the Settlers."

The four spruce trees symbolize the four points of the compass and the great extent and diversity of the territory, its landscapes and its communities and ways of life. The wavy bars symbolize the lakes and rivers, the bays and the sea. The alternation of white and blue represents the changing of the seasons, and by extension, the history of thousands of years of life in Labrador.

The gold star is the Pole Star, symbolic of our northern environment and culture. As a symbol of navigation, it points the way to a bright future. Its seven points remind us that we hold the stewardship of the land for the seventh generation.

It is supported by two caribou, an animal central to the life and livelihood of all Labrador people."

The compartment is a field of Labrador tea and caribou moss.

The crest has a snowy owl (uhu, ukpik) on a gold and red wreath. The cross is red and gold.

The motto is Munus splendidum mox explebitur , "The splendid task will soon be fulfilled." Adapted and translated from the first stanza of the Ode to Labrador.

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