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Additions: 1973 Limavady RDC, Limavady UDC
Incorporated into : 2015 Causeway Coast and Glens

Coat of arms (crest) of Limavady
Official blazon
English Argent on a saltire engrailed Sable five escallops of the first on a chief wavy Azure between two pairs of stockfish in saltire a representation of St. Colmcille seated in an open boat his dexter hand raised in benediction and holding a bible in the sinister hand all proper behind the head a nimbus Or, and for a Crest On a helm issuant from a mural crown Or upon a rock proper an Irish wolf hound salient Sable in the mouth a broken lance Gules. Mantled Azure doubled Argent.

Supporters, On the dexter side a cat-a-mountain guardant proper and on the sinister side a lion guardant sable about the neck of each a wreath leaved Vert the whole upon a Compartment of water barry wavy Argent and Azure.
Motto: Absit Invidia.


The arms were officially granted on March 1, 1989.

The lower half of the shield uses the former coat of arms of the old Limavady district council. It shows two crossed bands with shells. This is taken from the coat of arms of the Connolly family who owned all the land around Limavady from 1697. The upper part of the shield is a wavy blue chief. This is taken from the Phillips coat of arms. The Phillips owned all the land around Limavady until they sold it to the Connolly clan. The blue wavy chief also resembles the arms of the Haberdashers' company, who owned land around Ballykelly. On the chief are two sets of crossed fish, which were taken from the arms of the O'Cahan family and the Fishmongers' Company. Between the fish sits St. Columba in his boat. He came to visit the Convention of Drumceatt in 575, just outside the town travelling up the river Roe.

The crest shows a mural crown, denoting the Borough status of the council. Inside this is a rock from which an Irish wolfhound leaps. The town's name means leap of the hound. The dog is carrying a broken lance from the Crest of the Phillips family.

The supporters are from the Phillips and O'Cahan Arms. On the dexter is a cat-a-mountain (O'Cahan) and on the sinister a black lion (Phillips).

The motto is: ABSIT INVIDIA which means "Let there be no ill-will".

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