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Wapen van Loker/Arms (crest) of Loker

Country : Belgium

Province :

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Official blazon
French Ecartelé, aux premier et quatrième, d'or à trois huchets de gueules virolés d'argent; aux dexième et troisième, de gueules à un écu d'argentet à l'escarboucle pommetée et fleuronnée d'or brochant sur le tout.
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The arms were officially granted on January 6, 1898.

The arms combine the arms of the Counts of Horne (see Horn) and the Counts of Kleve. The estate and village of Loker became a possession of Diederik, Count of Hoorne in the early 15th century. As Diederik van Hoorne was the son of Ermegarde (Irmgard) of Kleve, the arms of Kleve were added in the second and third quarter. The family ruled the village until 1783, when it became a possession of the Von Salm-Kirbourg family through marriage. The only known seal of Loker from 1784 shows the three horns.

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Literature: Servais, 1955

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