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State : Niedersachsen
District (Kreis) : Nienburg
Samtgemeinde : Samtgemeinde Marklohe
Additions: 1974 Lemke, Oyle, Wohlenhausen

Wappen von Marklohe/Arms (crest) of Marklohe
Official blazon
German Von Silber und Grün geteilt; oben zwei schwarze gekreuzte Giebelbretter mit Pferdeköpfen; unten ein goldener Findling belegt mit einem schwarzen Kreuz, über dem ein schwarzes nach rechts oben gerichtetes Schwert liegt.
English blazon wanted


The arms were officially granted on May 3, 1973.

The crossed horse heads are a typical gable ornament of Niedersachsen farmhouses and indicate the location of the community in Niedersachsen.

The golden boulder is supposed to remind of the old Thingstätte, (sacred) places where the emissaries of all Saxon districts met annually for deliberations.

The activities of the early medieval missionary St. Lebuinus in Marklohe and the existence of a late medieval archdeaconate are symbolized by the black cross with which the boulder is covered. The black sword indicates that in Marklohe not only the church but also secular power was represented.

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