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Registration no.: 003/2023

Country of origin : United States
Place of origin : Fremont, California
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Coat of arms (crest) of Michael Fannin McCartney

Official English blazon

Badge of Michael Fannin McCartney

Arms: Or a stag trippant Gules attired Azure within a bordure also Azure charged with eight saltires couped Argent.

Crest: Issuing from a wreath Or, Gules and Azure a dexter hand Proper holding a rose Gules slipped, leaved, barbed and seeded Proper.

Mantling: Gules doubled Or

Mottoes: (above) Stimulation Sed Ornat; (below) Mens Conscia Recti

Other language blazon


Standard of Michael Fannin McCartney

The arms were designed following the Scottish practice of "indeterminate cadency" based on the historical arms of several Scottish and Irish families named MacCartney/Macartney all of which featured a red stag trippant on a silver or gold field within a red bordure (in one case charged with roses) and in some cases with gold or silver attires (antlers). To avoid a too close visual similarity, the new arms initially changed the attires and bordure to blue, and later added the white saltires to the bordure for additional differentiation visible in outline or monochrome (e.g. signet or seal).

Registration details

Registered 7 May 1971 with the California Secretary of State as the insignia of an unincorporated nonprofit association "Descendants of Andrew McCartney of Carlisle, PA"

Registered 20 September 1979 with the Nevada Secretary of State as the insignia of an unincorporated association "The Family of McCartney, Descendants of Andrew and Catherine McCartney of Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania"

Rec.heraldry group
Heraldry Society of Scotland
American Heraldry Society
International Heraldry Society
International Association of Amateur Heralds (IAAH)
International Society of Commoners Heraldry (registration #2017116)

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