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Civic heraldry of the Solomon Islands


National Arms of the Solomon Islands

Official blazon

Arms : Or, a Saltire Vert charged with two spears in saltire, points in base and a bow and two arrows charged with a native shield in fess point, between two Turtles all proper, and on a chief Azure an Eagle sejant on a branch between two Frigate birds all proper.
Crest : On a helmet guardant, lambrequined Argent and Azure, a Solomon Islands war canoe proper and a Sun radiant Or.
Supporters : On the dexter, a Crocodile, and on the sinister a Shark, both proper.
Compartment : A stylised two-headed Frigate bird Sable.
Motto: To Lead Is To Serve


The arms were granted on July 7, 1978 and are based on the former colonial arms.

The arms show symbols for the different districts of the islands. The two turtles symbolise the Western District. The green cross with crossed spears, shield and arrows, symbolises the Central District. The eagle represents the island of Malaita. The frigate birds represent the Outer Islands.

The crest shows a sun over a traditional boat. The supporters are a salt water crocodile and a shark, two ferocious indigenous animals, suitable as protectors.

The shield is based on an image of a frigate bird standing on the motto To Lead is to Serve.

National Arms of the Solomon Islands

The arms on a 2010 coin

Colonial arms

Official blazon

  • (1947) Arms: Gules, a sea turtle (Chelonia mydas - Cheloniidæ) proper and a chief Sable eight piles reversed Argent.
  • (1956) Quarterly Azure and Argent, in the first on a branch a Sandford’s Sea eagle (Haliæetus sandfordi - Accipitridae) sejant proper, in the second a turtle, in the third a bow per pale and two spears and two arrows in saltire charged with a native shield; in the fourth two frigate birds (Fregata ariel - Fregatidæ), all charges proper; and on a chief Gules a lion passant guardant Or, langued and unguled Azure.


The second colonial arms were granted on September 24, 1956.

National Arms of the Solomon Islands

The arms from 1956

The four quarters are for the Malaita, Western, Central and Eastern districts. The lion passant is for the British Rule.

These arms replaced older arms, granted on March 10, 1947.

National Arms of the Solomon Islands

The arms from 1947

The turtle is a symbol for the Western district, the 8 points refer to the 8 main islands.

Before 1947 the colony only used a badge.

Basge of the Solomon Islands

The badge in the Abadie albums (1930s)

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