Nicholas Spencer Fitzroy Cram-Sinclair

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NICHOLAS SPENCER FITZROY CRAM-SINCLAIR, Baron of Brough, Lord of the Manor of Crimdon

Registration no.: 011/2020

Country of origin : United Kingdom
Place of origin : -
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : South African Bureau of Heraldry

Coat of arms (crest) of Nicholas Spencer Fitzroy Cram-Sinclair

Official English blazon

Arms: Quarterly,1, Argent,a cross engrailed Sable,2 & 3,Argent,a mullet between 3 inescutcheons Gules,4,Argent,on a cross engrailed Sable,a human heart Gules,and in the dexter chief,a crescent Gules;Overall at the fess point,an inescutcheon Gules,charged with 3 fleurs-de-lis Argent.
Crest: On a winged human heart Gules,a sparrowhawk proper.
Supporters: Dexter: A griffin Gules,wings elevated,armed,beaked and winged Or.Sinister: A raven Sable proper.
Mottoes: Above crest: 'Fortiter Et Sincere', Below shield: 'Med Logum Skal Land Byggja'.
Badge: A raven displayed and volant sable .

Other language blazon


Banner and badge of Nicholas Spencer Fitzroy Cram-Sinclair

As their collateral heir-at-law,the revised arms are derived from those ascribed/recorded for the Sinclair feudal/territorial Barons of Br(o)ugh(1563/87-1714) in Shetland,northern Scottish Isles,as is the bottom motto;while the sparrowhawk crest is for the maternal Laing line of Pa(b/p)dale and Strynzi(a/e) in Orkney,northern Scottish Isles. The inescutcheon is for the armiger's late stepfather's paternal anglicised (Von) Cram(m) line,while the top motto comes from the latter's maternal Dixon-Johnson line. The griffin supporter is a regular Clan Sinclair heraldic motif,while the raven supporter represents the ancient Viking heritage and Ynglingar bloodline of the Jarls[EARLS] of Orkney(c.892-1472).

Registration details

US Heraldic Registry
Registro Internacional de Armas Gentilicias
Heraldische Gemeinschaft Westfalen
International Register of Arms-The Armorial Register

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