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Coat of arms (crest) of Nunavut

Official blazon

Arms : Or dexter a qulliq Sable enflamed Gules sinister an inuksuk Azure on a chief also Azure above five bezants in arc reversed issuant from the lower chief a mullet (niqirtsuituq) Or.
Crest: An iglu affronty Argent windowed Or and ensigned by the Royal Crown proper.
Supporters: On a compartment dexter of land set with Arctic poppies, dwarf fireweed and Arctic heather proper sinister ice floes Argent set on barry wavy Azure and Argent dexter a caribou sinister a narwhal both proper.
Motto: ᓄᓇᕗᑦ ᓴᙱᓂᕗᑦ


The arms were officially granted on March 31, 1999.

The dominant colours, blue and gold, symbolise the riches of the land, sea and sky. In the base of the shield is an inuksuk. These stone monuments guide people on the land, and also mark sacred and other special places. The qulliq, an Inuit stone lamp, represents light and the warmth of family and the community.

Above this, the arc of five gold circles refers to the life giving properties of the sun arching above and below the horizon -- the sun doesn't set during the summer months, which is a unique part of the Nunavut year.
The star is the Niqirtsituk, the North Star -- the traditional guide for navigation. This star forever remains unchanged -- just like the leadership of the elders in the community.

In the crest, the iglu represents the traditional life of the people and the means of survival. It also symbolises the assembled members of the Legislature meeting together for the good of Nunavut. The Royal Crown symbolises public government for all the people of Nunavut and the equivalent status of Nunavut with other territories and provinces in Canadian Confederation.

The supporters, a tuktu (caribou) and qilalugaq tugaalik (narwhal), are land and sea animals that are part of the rich natural heritage of Nunavut and provide sustenance for people.

The compartment at the base is composed of land and sea, and features three important species of Arctic wild flowers.

The motto, in Inuktitut means "NUNAVUT OUR STRENGTH".

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