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Arms (crest) of Olonets

Country : Russia

Federal subject : Karelia

District (Rayon) : Olonetsky Rayon
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Official blazon
Russian В волнисто скошенном справа золотом и зеленью неровными, уменьшающимися к низу волнами поле - бревенчатая изба с одним окном и двухскатной крышей переменных цветов, сопровождаемая тремя прямыми равноконечными вырубными крестами, просеченными ромбом (по одному - в верхних углах; правый из которых - золотой в зелени, а левый зеленый в золоте и одним золотым в зелени внизу).
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The arms were granted on April 1, 2014.

The current arms are basically identical to the arms granted originally on August 16, 1781.

Arms of/Герб Olonets

The symbol appeared for the first time as a symbol for the Olonets regiment in 1712. The symbol itself was taken from a Dutch book from 1705 with symbols and their meaning (see https://archive.org/details/symbolaetemblema00lafe). The book was also made for the Russian market and the symbol chosen showed a shield and a laurel wreath for defense. The wreath was changed to two pairs of balls on a chain.

In the 19th century the arms became the symbol of the Oronets region (and in a way still is for the Olonetsky Rayon). The city of Olonets sometimes used the arms of Petrozavodsk without the regional chief as used now by Petrozavodsk.

In 1864 B. Kene designed new arms for the city according to the new heraldic rules. These arms were never approved. The arms showed the old arms of the city, then also used for the Oronets region in a free quarter and for the town itself a golden bar with the two balls on a chain.

Arms of/Герб Olonets

During the Soviet period the arms were not used, but two designs were used on souvenir badges of the time, both showing the arms holding a shield:

Arms of/Герб Olonets
Arms of/Герб Olonets

Only in 2014 the historical arms were restored.

Literature: Image from http://www.heraldicum.ru

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