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Arms (crest) of Preseli

Official blazon

Arms : Per pale Or and Gules three Garbs counter-changed a Chief indented Azure.
Crest : On a Wreath Argent and Vert upon Waves barry wavy Argent and Azure between two Celtic Crosses Or a Yacht in full sail proper.
Supporters : On either side a Sea Dragon Gules tails Vert gorged with a Collar indented pendant therefrom a Celtic Cross Or.
Motto: 'EX UNITATE VIRES' - Out of unity strength


The arms were officially granted on ?

The shield is intended to allude to the Preseli Hills as well as to agriculture. The indented chief across the top of the shield, refers symbolically to the hills as seen against a blue sky. The sheaves of corn(garbs) are coloured at times gold, at times red against a counter-charged background in order to symbolise the wealth which comes from agriculture and also the sweat and work which must go into it before it gives its returns.

The Crest consists of a yacht in full sail upon the sea. This refers as well not only to yachting but also to shipping, fishing, and marine activity in general.

At either side are placed two celtic crosses in allusion to the many historical features of the District including Saint Davids Cathedral. The crest rises from a wreath of twisted silk of the Welsh national colours.

The supporters consist of a mythical beast in which the upper part consists of the Welsh dragon, while the lower part is a fish's tall (a sead-dragon). This, once again, identifies the district as a Welsh district of marine and river importance. Each has about its neck a gold collar dancetty from an allusion to the Preseli Hills and from this collar depends a celtic cross.

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