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District/county (județ) : Mureș

Stema Râciu

Official blazon

Un scut triunghiular cu marginile tăiate rotunjit. În partea superioară, în câmp albastru, se află în dreapta o rozetă, iar în stânga o cruce ortodoxă, ambele de aur. În vârful scutului, în câmp roșu, se află o făclie de argint, cu flacăra de aur. Scutul este trimbrat de o coroană murală de argint cu un turn crenelat.


The arms were officially granted on January 16, 2008.

The rosette signifies a sunflower with triangular petals symbolizing the motif of the choir and the shepherd, as well as the alternation of the hill-valley. The rosette thus stylized is representative of agricultural crops, synthesizing through the reasons that make up the plain area, pastoralism and ethnographic symbolism.

The Orthodox cross represents the historical and religious monuments of the site.

The torch - the Roman torch - suggests the symbol of the Enlightenment of the Transylvanian School, having Gheorghe Șincai as its exponent in Râciu, and the flame refers to the methane gas deposits in the area.

The mural crown with a crenellated tower means that the locality has the rank of commune.

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