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Additions : 1974 Rhondda Borough
Incorporated into : Rhondda Cynon Taff

Arms (crest) of Rhondda

Official blazon

Arms: Vert a Pall wavy Argent on a Chief indented Sable a Balance between two Acorns leaved and slipped Or.
Crest: Out of a Mural Crown Sable a demi-Dragon Gules gorged with a Riband pendant therefrom an Escutcheon Or charged with three Chevrons of the second and supporting a Torch erect of the first enflamed proper.
Supporters: On either side a Sea-Dragon Sable the tail proper gorged with a Collar checky Argent and Azure.
Motto: 'HWY CLOD NA GOLUD' - Fame outlasts wealth.


The arms were officially granted on May 20, 1955 to the Rhonda Borough and transferred to the District COuncil in 1974.

he green field, white wavy Y-shaped pall and the indented line suggest the Rhondda Valley, rivers and mountains. The black portion is for coal mining against which is a gold balance, for the more balanced industry of recent years. The gold acorns refer to the ancient forest and the growing new industries.

The mural crown is a symbol of local government and its colour is for coal and allied industries. The Red Dragon of Wales is like that in the crest of the Glamorgan County Council, the sheild about his neck shows the famous arms of the de Clare family, Lords of Glamorgan, whose red chevrons also appear in the arms of the Thomas family, Barons and Viscounts Rhondda.

The black-sea dragons represent the Welsh sea-coal and their blue and white collars are from the arms of the Marquess of Bute whose discovery of coal in the upper valley laid the real foundations of the industry a century ago.

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