Tristan Griin-Looveer

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Registration no.: 008/2021

Country of origin : Estonia
Place of origin : Harju County
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

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Official English blazon

Shield: Vert, on a bend sinister Argent three mullets of five points Sable
Crest: Between two eagle's wings displayed Vert an edelweiss Argent seeded Or
Motto: "Carpe noctem."

Other language blazon


Kilp: Rohelisel taustal hõbedane kaldpalk vasakult, mille peal kolm musta viiskandtähte.
Ehis: Kiivriehiseks kahe rohelise väljasirutatud kotkatiiva vahel kuldsete õisikutega hõbedane edelweiss.
Deviis: "Carpe noctem."


Vert is a reference to the armiger's family name and Argent represents honesty and purity, especially their sober lifestyle. The three stars represent the constellation of Orion, a nostalgic reminder of the armiger's childhood home, as it is the constellation they used to see from the window of their room, it also symbolizes the saying „Ad astra per aspera.“ It is coloured Sable to remind them that there is light in the darkness and vice versa. The edelweiss symbolizes the armiger's goal of constant self improvement, the green wings represent the willpower necessary to achieve that. The motto is not only literal, as the armiger prefers night-time over daytime, but also means that if one should find themselves in a seemingly negative situation, they should turn it to their advantage.

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