Tuomas Timoteus Räty

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Registration no.: 027/2021

Country of origin : Finland
Place of origin : -
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

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Official English blazon

Shield:Vert, fieldfare displayed Argent, armed and beaked Or, in the chief cross pattee Or.
Crest: fieldfare rising wings elevated Argent, armed and beaked Or, caped vert and holding Tuomaanristi proper.

Other language blazon


In old Finnish the armiger's surname literally meant "fieldfare". The armiger finds the cross pattee and colours visually pleasing - they do not include any specific symbolism. In the crest, Tuomaanristi is a traditional Finnish Christmas decoration - its name literally means "Tuomas's cross", or in anglicized form "Thomas's cross", Tuomas being armiger's first name. The arms are thus canting, directly referring to the armiger's first and last names, as well as looking visually pleasing.

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