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Blason de Ugny-sur-Meuse/Arms (crest) of Ugny-sur-Meuse

Country : France

Département : Meuse
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Official blazon
French Coupé: au 1er de gueules à la tête arrachée de loup d'or, au 2e d'or au roc d'échiquier de gueules accompagné de deux anneaux d'azur chargé remplis de gueules.
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The arms were officially adopted on January 13, 2017.

The rook is a kind of canting element, the name comes from Hugny, which supposedly was derived from Hugues which means intelligence.

The two cockades are those of the RAF; they represent the sacrifice of seven British airmen whose Lancaster plane was shot down by the Germans over Ugny on 27/04/1944.

The wolf's head refers to Saint Loup (loup means wolf) the patron saint of the parish.

The zander supporters are the main fish in the Meuse.

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