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Blason d'Ussel/Arms (crest) of Ussel

Country : France

Département : Corrèze

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Official blazon
French D'azur à la porte d'or, la serrure et les bris d'huis du même, accompagnée de trois étoiles d'or.

Motto: Huis scelle mon droit

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The arms were adopted on June 24, 1988

The arms are those of the D'Ussel family, which is named after the town. The family has used the arms since the 13th century (known since 1254). They are first recorded as used by the town in 1558 on the Black Book, a manuscript on parchment containing the text of the transaction concluded in 1533 between the consuls, representing the community of the inhabitants of Ussel, and the prosecutor Gilbert de Ventadour.

In the middle of the 19th century Traversier showed completely different arms (see below), which were used until the 1930s. Neither publication indicates the meaning or origin of those arms.

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Literature: Image and info from Musée du Pays D'Ussel <>

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