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Province: Pomorze
County: Słupsk

Arms of Ustka

Official blazon

W błękitnym polu tarczy żaglowiec trójmasztowy srebrny (z rozwiniętymi żaglami i o złotych pennantach na szczytach masztów), na falach o srebrnych grzywach. Poniżej, u podstawy tarczy, syrena ukoronowana złotą koroną, o złotych włosach i złotym (rybim) ogonie, z lewą ręką na biodrze, prawą – ujmująca dłonią rybę srebrną (łososia)


The arms were designed in 1922 and show the importance of the sea-side town for shipping, fishing and bathing (siren)

Arms of Ustka

The arms in the Kaffee Hag albums +/- 1925
Arms of Ustka

The arms until 2006

Ustka gained worldwide attention in the 2000s, as a bitter debate over a proposed alteration of the town's symbols started. In 2004, one of the town councilors proposed a modernization of the coat of arms. The temperature of a rather dull debate suddenly rose when one councilor complained, jokingly, about the current size and shape of mermaid's breasts, which, to her, seemed small and flaccid. For two years, the councilors debated the proper shape and size of breasts until they finally agreed to accept a project created by historian and heraldist Michał Marciniak-Kożuchowski. On the new coat of arms, the mermaid's breasts are significantly larger and more shapely. However, some councillors have complained that the new mermaid still lacks a navel.

Ustka's citizens were divided on the issue of enlarging the mermaid's breasts. Many of them supported the idea, stating that the change could increase tourism. Others, however, were dissatisfied with the idea of the cost of a reform that seemed entirely unnecessary. A small group of disgruntled citizens even began a petition, demanding that the mermaid be removed entirely from the town's coat of arms.

Arms of Ustka

The arms in the town (source)
Arms of Ustka

The arms in the town (source)
Arms of Ustka

The arms in the town (source)

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