Utrechtse Poorterwapens

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LUBRO- Utrechtse Poorterwapens

Utrechtse Poorterwapens

Series information :

  • Date of issue : 1949
  • Number of images : 30 in the album (30 were later issued, but no album pages were printed for these), 50 x 64 mm
  • Image variants : no

Company info

LUBRO was an industrial bakery in the city of Utrecht (the name is an acronym for Luxe Brood- en Banketbakkerij). They built a new state-of-the-art bakery in 1948 in Utrecht. The company existed until 2004.


The album was issued in 1949 by Lubro and the Stichting Neerlands Sinnepop. The latter also had a small advertisement on the first page where they offered to search for family arms. The images show arms of citizens of Utrecht (Burgher arms, or Poorterarms in Dutch). The album includes a blazon of the arms and a short history of the family. The images were collected at the bakers where the bread was sold, and could be exchanged in a special office in Utrecht.

The images were based in style on the Koffie Hag albums, but the images were drawn by Tjomme de Vries.

Images issued

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The complete album on pdf

The additional images that were not issued in an album: