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VETREN DOL (Ветрен дол)

Province: Pazardzhik
Municipality : Septemvri

Coat of arms (crest) of Vetren Dol

Official blazon

на злато, лазурен вълнообразен пояс между три тополи срещу вятъра и воденично колело, всичко в зелено.

Девиз: Устоява срещу вятъра


The arms were officially adopted on June 30, 2008.

The poplar trees fighting against the wind are a canting element; the name of the village means Valley-of the-Winds.

The water-mill wheel refers to industry and the diligence of the Vetren dol people. The wavy bar refers to the old name of the village: Eli Dere or Fifty Rivers (in Turkish), as well as to the mineral springs.

The golden colour refers to the rich soil of the the Thracian Plane, the green to nature and especially the Rhodopi Mountain.

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