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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Heilbronn
Additions : 1973 Neulautern; 1974 Finsterrot, Maienfels, Neuhütten

Wappen von Wüstenrot/Arms (crest) of Wüstenrot
Official blazon
German * old : In Rot ein silbernes Kelchglas.
  • new: In Rot unter einem silbernen Glasgefäß ein erniedrigter silberner Wellenbalken, belegt mit einem blauen Fisch.
English blazon wanted


The old (left) arms were granted in 1938, but have been used since 1930 on the seal of the town.

On the seal the arms also showed a helmet and crest. The seal was based on an old stained glass image of the arms in the local church, dating from 1720. The meaning is not known, it is likely that it symbolises the glass industry in the area at the time.

The new arms were granted on March 17, 1975. The new arms combine the old arms with a symbol for the three rivers in the municipality, the Rot, Lauter and Brettach.

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