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' ALESSANDRO FARNESE JR. 'Born: October 7, 1520
Deceased: March 2, 1589

Bishop of Parma, 1534-1535
Cardinal 1534
Administrator of Jaén, 1535-1537
Administrator of Avignon, 1535-1551; 1560-1566
Administrator of Monreale, 1536-1568
Administrator of Bitonto, 1537-1538; 1544
Administrator of Ancona e Numana, 1538 and 1585
Administrator of Massa Marittima, 1538-1547
Administrator of Cavaillon, 1540-1541
Administrator of Viseu, 1547-1552
Administrator of Tours, 1553-1554
Administrator of Viviers, 1554
Bishop of Cahors, 1554-1557
Administrator of Spoleto, 1555-1562
Administrator of Benevento, 1556-1558
Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina, 1564-1565
Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati, 1565-1578
Archbishop of Monreale, 1568-1573
Cardinal-Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina, 1578-1580
Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia, 1580-1589

Arms (crest) of Alessandro Farnese Jr.
Official blazon
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Arms (crest) of Alessandro Farnese Jr.

The arms in a 16th century manuscript


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